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Community Update May 1, 2012

Dear Richmond neighbors,

Being a good corporate neighbor means more than just providing reliable, safe services that residents expect as part of a contractual relationship. It means truly being a part of the community that our employees call home. Veolia is committed to being a valued corporate citizen in the community of Richmond through financial and volunteer support to causes that are important to its fellow residents and key to improving the quality of life here. Our available resources for giving are limited and therefore, are focused on key areas that are most closely aligned with our business or are where we can make a meaninful impact. We have chosen to support those efforts that advance education in Richmond or protect and enhance the environment.

Last year Veolia gave more than $10,000 to various community organizations and causes. So far this year, Veolia has committed more than $5,000 to organizations which include the Richmond Shimada Golden Rose Festival, Richmond Police Activity League, YMCA and the Watershed Project.

For organizations who are seeking corporate donations, please note that Veolia uses the following criteria as a guide in evaluating requests for charitable support.
  1. Locally (Richmond) based or focused organizations
  2. Nonprofit status or organizations with commensurate status
  3. Organizations "in good standing" (no moral, legal or criminal issues)
  4. Organizations that serve a need within one of the two identified areas of focus
  5. Giving opportunity benefits a group or large population, not an individual
  6. Giving opportunity clearly demonstrates benefit to the community, or some aspect of the community and its residents
  7. Giving opportunity provides for meaningful Veolia involvement, i.e., volunteer opportunity, in-kind contribution, brand placement 
A request by a nonprofit organization for Veolia support must meet all seven criteria in order to be approved. Exceptions are discouraged and only considered on a case-by-case basis and approved by the Project Manager.
To submit a request, please send a letter or email with all details provided, including but not limited to:
  • Requesting organization name, contact information and information about the organization
  • Amount requested, who check should be payable to
  • How the funds will be used, who benefits
  • What Veolia receives for its contribution (i.e., logo on materials, booth tickets to event)                
  • Deadline to respond and other key dates
Request should be directed to Aaron Winer, Project Manager, and sent to:
Veolia Water
Attention: Martha Mosley
601 Canal Boulevard
Richmond, CA 94804

A minimum of one week must be given for consideration and response to all charitable giving request. The time frame to receive a check following approval is generally from 2 to 3 weeks.

Aaron Winer 
Project Manager