The Veolia Partnership

Water is an essential element of our lives, and the management of wastewater is critical to a community's infrastructure. In 2002, the City of Richmond partnered with Veolia Water North America to take on the operations, maintenance and capital improvements of the City's aging wastewater treatment plant and sewer collection system. At the time, the 60-year-old plant was incurring millions of dollars in fines from regulatory violations. Since taking over, sanitary sewer system overflows have been reduced by 84%, the city's permit compliance record has improved from 67% to 97%, and water quality citations have gone down nearly 90%. Veolia has implemented state-of-the-art technologies to protect the health and safety of Richmond residents, worked diligently to improve water quality of the San Francisco Bay and save the City and Richmond residents and ratepayers millions of dollars in operating costs over the 20-year term of the contract.

Although progress has been made, the need for ongoing maintenance and capital infrastructure investment remains a priority and vast need. The City's wastewater infrastructure, including the treatment facility and collection system, requires upgrade and replacement of infrastructure to fight off aging. These much-needed renovations and upgrades will take many years to complete and there will be occasions when we encounter problems resulting from the condition of the plant or collection system. Veolia is committed to taking aggressive action to achieve a resolution that is both fast and long-lasting. The Veolia team is part of the Richmond community and our staff members are trained to deliver the highest standards of quality and customer service, drawing from a wealth of experience and demonstrated expertise.

Many of our employees live in Richmond, and as such Veolia extends its commitment to volunteer and provide financial support for community organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life in this City. Veolia focuses its philanthropic efforts on environmental and educational causes, and is a regular supporter of Richmond PAL, the Richmond YMCA and has adopted Keller Beach in partnership with the Watershed Project under the California Coastal Commission's "Adopt a Beach" program. Since 2002 when Veolia took on the Richmond project, the company has contributed from $10,000 -15,000 per year to local charities and causes. 

The partnership between the City of Richmond and Veolia is built on a shared commitment to serving Richmond residents. Veolia has a responsibility to earn and maintain the trust and respect of the community we serve through open communications. This website was created to keep Richmond residents informed about its wastewater treatment services, the people who serve your community, and the company behind them. Veolia looks forward to its continued service to the City of Richmond and keeping residents informed every step of the way.